Empowering older adults to safely THRIVE at home by preventing falls & injuries so they can remain independent and continue to enjoy all of life's activities.

We provide individualized home safety assessments and plans tailored to your needs, goals, lifestyle, and budget.

Our mission is to help you stay in your forever home!

Thrive Accessibility Solutions LLC is a mobile occupational therapy practice in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, serving older adults at risk of preventable injuries in their homes. We help them achieve optimal independence and safety in their current homes by modifying environments and adapting daily tasks.

We are a mobile occupational therapy practice that serves older adults at risk of preventable injury in their homes.

We help them achieve optimal independence and safety in their current homes by modifying environments and adapting daily tasks.

Karen Wills, MS, OTR/L, ECHM, CAPS


As an occupational therapist for over 30 years, I have helped adapt home environments for people with a variety of accessibility, safety, and sensory needs. My passion for home safety and accessibility is deeply rooted not only in my three decades of professional experience but personal experience as well. Having lived with chronic pain and as a caregiver for my parents, I have a profound understanding of how the environment impacts everyday function and well-being.

Most us want keep living in our own homes as we get older. However, as we age, if the environment doesn't change to support our needs, injuries can occur and our activities become limited. I have seen close friends and family experience traumatic falls prompting a difficult decision to move because their home no longer met their needs.

While numerous considerations impact such a decision, many people are not aware that there are solutions that can help you or your loved one remain in their home. Home modifications such as installing grab bars, ramps, or lifts, and adding adaptive equipment in the bathroom and bedroom for example, can improve safety. These and other personalized adaptations can prevent injuries, promote independence and allow people to age in their own homes as desired.

Thrive Accessibility Solutions Provides

Comprehensive Home Safety Assessments

Inclusive of Fall Risk Screening

Individualized Recommendations

Home Modifications, Adaptive Equipment, Therapeutic Supports

Client and Caregiver Training

Fall Prevention, Daily Living Skills, Adaptive Equipment Training

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The Benefit of An Occupational Therapist

A Home Safety Assessment by an occupational therapist is one of the interventions that is proven to reduce the risk of falling at home, improve everyday function, and promote the ability to remain at home.

Without An Occupational Therapist

Without an occupational therapist involved, home modification changes and adaptive equipment choices may not address individualized function or anticipated long-term progression of needs. This can result in expensive projects that need to be redone in the future.

We are committed to ensuring our clients are satisfied.

We are committed to ensuring our clients are satisfied.

I have provided home accessibility assessments and coordinated with contractors in a variety of settings throughout my career.

I work hard to provide individualized client centered care. I will work with you and those who support you to help you be as independent and safe in the home you love for as long as possible.

Take The Next Step with Thrive Accessibility Solutions

Insurance and Payment

We are in-network with Medicare Part B and will bill your insurance for medically necessary Medicare Part B services.

We are considered out-of-network for other insurances.
To ensure transparency and avoid any unexpected costs, we will furnish you with a Good Faith Estimate and answer any questions you might have before your scheduled appointment. We will gladly provide the necessary paperwork for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement if you desire.

Medicare Part B billing exception: We cannot bill Medicare Part B for services if you are currently receiving Medicare Part A services such as Home Health, Skilled Nursing Facility, or Hospice. In such cases we can discuss options for services with you.


High Quality, Client Centered Services is Essential at Thrive Accessibility Solutions

A friend of ours had a fall and was hospitalized and could not return home but needed assisted living. When my wife began to have falls, fortunately not serious ones, we knew we had to do something to try to minimize the risk of our falling. We looked for some help. We found Karen Wills of Thrive Accessibility Solutions. She had excellent experience and background.  We talked to Karen and had her look at our house and make suggestions. She did this and gave us a number of ideas. Some were simple, others took a little more work and she helped us with those items. We've had great experiences since then and no falls.   We highly recommend Karen and Thrive Accessibility Solutions for you.



Do I need a Doctor's referral?

You may or may not need a referral from your doctor for us to evaluate you. We can let you know for sure once we talk with you over the phone.

Does Medicare Part B pay for home modifications and equipment?

Medicare Part B may pay for some durable medical equipment, but does not pay for adaptive equipment such as grab bars, shower chairs, or other home modifications. Some Medicare Advantage Plans, other private insurance plans, or long-term insurance plans may pay for these items if deemed medically necessary.

What areas do you serve?

We serve Mt. Juliet Tennessee and surrounding areas.

Do you have specialty certifications in home accessibility modifications?

I have an Executive Certification in Home Modifications through the University of Southern California and am a Certified Aging in Place Specialist.







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